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Last page update was 14 Jul 2008

Fisher Fury R1 Ownership - June 2008

8th June

It's been raining every day up till now but, the sun has finally returned and I got to go out for a drive. The exhaust still sounds noisy but it is not alone. The brake pedal is vibrating badly and it is finally time to replace the bush with a nylon one. Filled up the car I've been averaging around 23-24mpg again. Noises aside, the car is running really well. Seems to take a few seconds to start from cold though.

9th June

Perfect day for a lunchtime blat . I know I've said it many times before but, you don't need a faster car than this on UK roads and I'm not sure there is a quicker way to get round a corner. Once up to temperature the A048's are really awesome and the feeling is amplified by the minimal weight and bodyroll of the car. Once I've got the various vibrations sorted, it will be time to strap in the AP22 again and get some more measurements.

Changed the bush in the brake pedal from steel to nylon to eliminate that one from the list of noises. Also added some 3mm foam strip to the cover plate over the footwell as this appeared to be adding to the symphony. I'm going to try changing the exhaust later this week to see what difference it makes. I do wonder if I'm just getting too paranoid about all the noises and expecting too much.

I also need to change the Digidash2 settings as it now displays 'OIL' when I pull up at junctions. I'm pretty sure this is down to me lowering the engine idle speed slightly as the actual oil pressure readings don't appear to have changed at all. The configuration allows you to set an oil pressure level and an engine rpm below which this error code is suppressed. This is because the oil pressure drops to around 10-12psi at idle compared to the 50-60psi seen at higher engine speeds. I can't remember what values I set last time.

Managed to delete then rest of this months entry by accident . In summary, I drove it lots (in between the rain) and had some huge fun, so no change there .


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