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Last page update was 16 Sep 2008

Fisher Fury R1 Ownership - July 2008

1st July

Went out for a brief drive today.

5th July

Went out for a drive today, then finally fitted the new passenger seat and harnesses. I might get my wife in the car now. Also washed and waxed the car for the third time, ever.

12th July

Lots of rain so far this month but. I did an all-day cycle ride yesterday and discovered some very good back roads along the way. So today, I went and retraced the half of the route taken on this side of the river Deben. The roads were not as smooth as I rememember but it was still a very nice drive. For the first time, I found myself missing a reverse gear. I drove down to Felixstowe Ferry and there wasn't quite enough tarmac to turn around, so much to the amusement of the people sitting outside of the cafe, I had to jump out and push the car back. It started raining on the way back and much like the Lotus Elise, you can escape the worst of it, if you drive quickly enough.

13th July

Retraced the other half of my cycle route on the far side of the river today. Awesome drive! Great weather and a fair few kits and classics out and about too. I've concluded that Audi R8s are more common than Fisher Furys in this part of the world . They look rather nice in bright red though.

16th July

Took the long route into work today, went out at lunchtime, took a long route home. I live less than 2.5 miles from work but, used a whole tank of fuel today . Good job a tank is only about 20 litres.

18th July

I now have the required parts to repack my exhaust.

20th July

Got up early to make the best of the sunshine and empty roads and had a great drive up into Norfolk.

21st July

Bought the car into work and went out at lunchtime. I've been looking at some unsual mounting positions for my bullet camera.

24th July

The Fury won out over the pushbike again today, when I opened the garage door. Its too hot to cycle . I'm filling the car up at very regular intervals but, I've noticed that as I go further afield my fuel consumption is actually falling. I'll soon hit over 30mpg at this rate.

22st July

Daz  sent me this very interesting picture from his Digidash2 analysis software. It shows two data sets using different tyres around Snetterton race track in his Striker R1. The first one (in purple) was using his larger wheels and Toyo Proxes T1S tyres. The second one, in green shows the same car using 13" Compomotive CXR wheels with Yokohma A048R tyres (as I have on my Fury). You don't have to be a genius to see that his cornering and braking forces are a lot higher using the A048 tyres, at one point pulling over 1.5g on cornering.

26th July

In the last few days, I've noticed that the bonnet pins had started to rattle themselves loose and the one on the right of the car had actually started to come out. A quick investigation showed that the ball bearings on the pin had been slowly wearing the aluminium mount away. The pin is also slightly too loose in the mount too (one is metric, the other imperial). To fix this, I've fixed some steel washers onto the end of the mounts, drilled to more snugly fit the pins.

27th July

Changed the mounting point of my bullet camera. It now sits permanently in the bodywork, looking out through a small hole where the indicator indentation is.

And obviously, that meant testing it .


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